Managed Data Protection

Encrypted Data Backups

All your Computers Data is Encrypted and
backed up multiple times in 2-3 locations. We
have backups of the backups.

Protected In The Cloud

Your Encrypted Data is transferred to a password
protected 'container' in a very secure Data Center

About This Service

This is a Fully Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Service for
Windows Systems, Apple and Linux Systems *

 After you’ve signed up, we send you a link to install your Custom
McLeod Management Agent for your company, and set up a dedicated password protected storage container  in our data center.

  All you need to do is a 60 second install of that agent,

The service is monitored and checked daily for the completion of the backups,
and that they have been successfully transfered to the cloud.
We also test the backups to make sure they are accessible and complete.

This Service is designed to be an efficient solution for any business,
and we can scale to any quantity. 

File Restore and Disaster Recovery

Damaged, Deleted or Lost Files and Folders can be restored from your Local or
Cloud Storage. If the computers Operating System is compromised  by malware, or Physically damaged, we can use your stored images for Disaster Recovery.
The advanced backup software is able to restore the image to the same
computer or to a replacement computer**.

Those images can also be converted to Virtual Machines, and then hosted on
another computer or server for true Business Continuity***

Click Here for Detailed Information on
Disaster Recovery vs File Restore vs Business Continuity

Requirements and Details

These are the necessary hardware and
internet bandwidth requirements.

 Local Storage

One or more dedicated Network Storage
Devices, External Hard Drives or a Storage
Server are required. A small portable drive is preferred for laptops.
  Need a Storage Device?  Visit our Shop!

Internet Speed

An internet connection with a minimum of 10Mbps upload
speed  is required. As an example, A 50GB data transfer on a
5Mbps connection can take over 20 hours,  reducing your
internet speed during normal business hours.

ISP Bandwidth 

Depending on your Internet Service
Provider, you may have restrictions or
additional costs for the data
usage. We suggest that your ISP has
a plan with no restrictions on data
usage and the fastest upload
speed available.

Whats Included

Custom McLeod Management Agent
and a Dedicated Cloud Storage Account
with 200GB Cloud Storage!
Advanced Backup Software Licenses
Software Updates and Upgrades
Unlimited Remote and Telephone Support
for Backup and Recovery Issues

Installation and Configuration of the
Backup Software, Scheduling of Backups
and Cloud Transfer, Management
of Data Retention Sets and Archives

Configuration of your Local Storage Devices
Monitoring of the Local Storage Capacity
Verify and Test Backup Sets

Premium Extras Included

Monitoring of your Computer for Software Changes by
Malicious Programs.
Remote Assistance for non backup related issues. We
include One 1/2 Hr Session per month.

OnSite Service

 OnSite Service is
Included for issues with our software, or any issue as a
 consequence of the service that we cannot resolve
remotely. We also include OnSite Service
in the Warranty of the hardware we sell.

If you have a Critical Business Down
situation we will not leave you stranded.
Generous discounts will be applied
to our labor rate. 

Limitations and Restrictions

*Not all Apple and Linux Systems can use this service
based on the Systems Version. Call to discuss.

** The replacement computer must be of similar hardware or
exceed the current specifications. This is a manual operation
that is performed by the user with our support by telephone. 

***Creating a Virtual Machine Image from your backups is included.
Setting up a host on your local network is not included.
With a Business Continuity Plan, you can have Computers and
Servers hosted in the cloud.
Find out more about our Cloud Services. Contact Us.

On Site Service Not Included for the following:  

Installation of Agent
Installation of Local Storage Devices
Installation or Setup of Firewalls or Routers
Re-Image of Computer to Dissimilar Hardware
Download of Backups to Portable Storage for
delivery to business 
Issues as a result of User Error
Service when internet connection is down

Storage and Download Overage Costs

There are no restrictions on data size for uploads
200GB Cloud Storage per Computer
Over 200 GB Storage = $0.11 per/GB

Downloads from Cloud Storage limited 
to 1GB per/Day 
Cloud Downloads over 1GB/Day = $0.15 per/GB

Download to Portable Hard Drive and bring to
your business = $.025 per/GB +$50.00 Fee

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