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Thank You for visiting our website. We’ve put a lot of effort to bring you something different. Because we are different. We’re not for every business, we have a business centric approach to your technology, and we look at how we can align your technology
with your vision and goals.

Read below, and we look forward with sharing our experience with your vision.

Who we Are 

We are a Professional IT Management and Services Provider to the SMB and SME business community.
The title of MSP (Managed Service Provider) would be a generalization.

We are a Custom Builder of Servers, Computers and Workstations for demanding businesses, designers, and engineers. Warrantied by
us for 3-5 years.

What we do

We Manage Businesses IT Infrastructure, Secure your assets and people, and keep them prepared for disruptions.

By Using Highly Professional Management tools, Business methodologies incorporated in Agile, ITSM, and Processes and Procedures documentation, we keep your business productive and available.

With an insight into your business, the technologies you use, and our awareness of future and new technologies, we are able to support your vision for success with the technologies you need to achieve those goals. 

Our Business Methodology

At one time we focused on making sure our clients were operational and that everything kept working. We supplied computers, monitors, routers and services to maintain it all. We still do, but our focus has changed.

Business has evolved and to stay competitive all businesses need to view their Technology as an asset, not just a lot of equipment to maintain. More than ever, your clients and customers, your staff, vendors, marketers and sales depend on that technology to make your business successful.

We have evolved as well. Our conversations with business owners is not about all the equipment, but how it interconnects with all the other parts of your business, and aligning a Strategic Technology Roadmap with your Business Strategy. We want to enable a positive business outcome for you and your customers by streamlining your company’s technology operations.

Strategies and Forward Vision to keep your business relevant and competitive.

Company History

Since 1999 McLeod Computers has been serving Southern California based businesses. We
specialize in businesses that have up to 500 devices
and users, in one location or multiple locations, dispersed regionally
or nationally.

We started by building our own brand of computers, workstations, and servers to satisfy our customers needs for a better quality product that exceeded their expectations. Thus Custom Built became our mantra.
And we still offer delivery, set up and an onsite warranty that exceeds others in our field.

In 2001 it became obvious that our customers needed help faster than we could get there. So we started providing enterprise level remote services and help desk/remote assistance to them, and usually within minutes,  without the wait for an onsite technician to arrive.

In 2003 when advanced management tools became available we 
quickly adopted them, and have been a Managed Services
Provider ever since. 

Our original customer is still with us, and the only downtime to their business since then has been mostly to power failures.

Our Mission and Vision 

We strive to provide a culture of accountability, integrity, honesty and creativity. We are committed to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, and a business relationship with trust as its premise. We will never put our clients networks at risk, and we will never share or divulge any of their business or company information.

We are passionate, work together with unity and teamwork, and have a sense of urgency when we are presented with an immediate situation.

We highly value our client relationships and want to be the best we can be.

We are driven to be an innovative, progressive company that delivers forward solutions to our clients. Our goal is to communicate these values, make a difference in their business and create improvements that support their success. 


Some Stats


We started in 1999 

Customer Focused
1 %

Your Success is Our Success


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