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MnM  ‘It’s a Sweet Deal’

MnM Service

The MnM Managed Plan is a complete and scalable program that has been designed for the SMB. Regardless of business size, we use the features in this plan as the basis to build and scale the services you need.

This program is for Computers, Laptops, Workstations and Servers.
Windows, Apple and Linux users, look no further.*

Your business may have 2 or 200 computers, dispersed over multiple locations or with remote users, or you have a Domain. But this is one service that benefits them all.

The program covers the maintenance, security, and advanced data backup with cloud storage. There is monitoring for malware, application changes, and system errors. And we get alerts on them in real time so we can resolve or inform you of any issues.

This comes with unlimited support by instant and secure interactive remote or telephone.
It even includes on site service for covered issues.

Server System Plans will have various options based on their primary use,
functions they perform, and the level of service you need.

The MnM service itself covers so much that a business needs, including 
assistance with printers (if accessible), network storage devices and directly
attached devices. We will even program your routers and secure the wifi.

With such a complete package of services to keep your machines, users
and network covered, and our experience and enterprise level security,
software and technical support, you will have more time for your business.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We can combine or include our
Professional Services in a comprehensive plan based on your businesses
unique needs. Schedule a free consultation.

*Apple and Linux Systems Plans are available to supported
Operating Systems. Contact us for details on your system.

Whats Included

This is a fully managed program and
includes the following software installed
and services provided.

MnM Management Agent

Endpoint Security Software

MDP Backup Program Included
with 200GB Cloud Storage

Monitoring for Spyware

Maintenance and Monitoring

Managed Updates *

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Telephone Support

On Site Support for covered 
issues or Disaster Recovery

Local Network attached devices,
routers and printers  get
remote assistance as needed


*Windows Professional Versions are managed by us, but the Home Editions cannot be as Microsoft has removed that ability
from us. We can set Home Editions to
update on your schedule.

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