MnM Service


MnM Service     “It’s a sweet deal”

  • This Special is for Windows Systems and Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Desktop, Laptop and Workstation Computers
  • Maintenance, Updates and 24/7 Monitoring for Security and System Alerts
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Includes Managed Endpoint Security and MDP Data Protection
  • Unlimited Remote (Worldwide) and Telephone Support (USA only)
  • Limited On Site Service
  • Details on the Full Service Here



About this Special

Get the McLeod Network Management Service for your Windows computers. This Special is intended for the Small Business that has 2-10 computers that are not managed by a Server. Each Computer, Laptop or Workstation is protected with our Corporate Managed Security, Managed with all the features in our MnM Service , and your Data is Secured with the Managed Data Protection Service that includes Cloud Storage.

Details and Managed Service Agreement

This special applies to Windows Desktop, Laptop and Workstation Computers using Windows 7 or Windows 10 Professional Operating System, with a maximum of 2 processors. We will manage Windows Home Edition computers, but we cannot manage the Windows Updates as Microsoft has removed that ability in the system.
Windows XP Pro – Vista Business Pro are not covered as we cannot update or secure those systems completely.

This special does not include On-Site service for Disaster Recovery to a replacement computer, or dissimilar hardware as this is an advanced support option that can take many hours to complete. Telephone and Remote support is included. On-Site charges are at our Managed Service clients pricing. Contact for details.

This Managed Service Special requires a first and last months payment on sign up. Recurring monthly payments are due via automatic payment on the 28th of each month. You will be notified via email on the 20th and your credit/charge/bank card will be charged on the 28th. A receipt will be emailed to you following the charge, and you will have access to your own account on our website. If the service is started in the middle of the month, the first recurring monthly charge will have a credit applied for the unused days of the first month.

Any charges for storage of data that exceeds the 200 GB limit, services provided not included in the MnM special, products that are ordered, or on site services to the clients location by MCS will be billed to your bank card that is on file when you sign up for this special. The charge will be applied within 24 hours of completion of service, or will be immediately charged for product purchases or storage overages.

Upon Cancellation or Ending of this Agreement a 30 Day Notice is required and enforceable.
If the monthly charge fails, you will have until the 15th of the following month to pay the past due or the contract
will be suspended on the last day of the month.

During sign up you will need to agree to this Service Agreement by checking the box before you subscribe. When
you are on the Checkout Page confirm ‘Save payment information to my account for future purchases’,  and acknowledge this agreement by Signing the Signature pad to complete the subscription. No information is saved on this site for your protection. The payment card details are retained on the payment processors site.

Read all the details for the Full MnM Service here



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