Laptop Anywhere !

With our Laptop Anywhere! Service, we understand that you depend on your portable computer, and keeping it running is a business priority. If there is a problem, you need to fix or resolve it  as fast as possible. Email viruses, software problems, maintenance or any issue can destroy a productive day.  And telephone support can be just as frustrating.

Well now you can rest at ease. This service was designed just for you. We will maintain your computer to it’s best possible performance, monitor it for unseen problems, remove viruses and spyware and back up your important files to a removable USB flash drive or portable compact hard drive *. Those encrypted backups are transferred to  protected cloud storage. We can restore those files if they are damaged or accidentally deleted. Even if you leave you laptop at home or the office, we can retrieve a document for you and email it to you for that important meeting.

And best of all, when you need support from a computer professional, we are just a click or a phone call away. With our advanced remote software, we can interact with you remotely to understand and help solve the problem you are having. No technical speak, just help. Sometimes you just can’t explain it very well over the phone, and that can be very frustrating. And we can help you anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. And if you don’t we are still available by phone.

As an added security bonus if your laptop is ever lost or stolen, we can help the police locate it! We can even lock down certain functions, monitor activity, and try to recover your files.
Now that’s security!

Here’s an Option to Consider:

Emergency Replacement Program

If your Laptop is damaged beyond repair, and you do not have a replacement
available, we can ship you a new laptop with your most recent backed up
image file installed. Depending on your location, and how rapidly a 
replacement is available, this even could be shipped overnight!
To get this option call us when you sign up.

*Portable external hard drives and usb flash drives are not supplied in this
program. If you need recommendations before you purchase please 
contact us. We also can provide an appropriate capacity and model
through our store and ship it to you. 

Whats Included

This is a fully managed program and
includes the following software installed
and services provided.

MnM Management Agent

Endpoint Security Software

MDP Backup Program Included
with 200GB Cloud Storage

Monitoring for Spyware

Maintenance and Monitoring

Managed Updates *

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Telephone Support

Recovery of lost or damaged files

Remote restore of an image**

Windows Professional Versions are managed by us, but the Home Editions cannot be as Microsoft has removed that ability
from us. We can set Home Editions to
update on your schedule.

**Remote restore of an image is
dependent on the physical hard drives size
and available space.

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