Build Your IT Operations as Needed

Managed Service Plans

We have several plans and services that can be bundled together. The foundation is our MnM Service that includes Endpoint Protection and our Managed Data Protection Plan.

Professional Services

When you need more than the consultation, we have a portfolio of Professional Services and Products to complement your Strategy.

On Site Services

Just call us when you need us. No contract needed, we respond to Critical Business calls as fast as possible, and If you have an internet connection, we can provide Remote Support.

IT Departments

We can augment your IT Department with Services and Software Management, Maintenance and Monitoring, Security and More!

Doing business on phone in the office

Take Control of Your IT

Open for business doesn’t mean open for distractions.

Keeping your staff productive and operational is key to a successful day.
IT issues can turn that day into kaos and create dissatisfied customers.

We’ve been working with businesses since 1999 to become efficient
and independent of IT issues that distract them.

Get your focus back on your business, keep your customers and staff
engaged without distractions, and take control of your IT.

Lets Discuss Something

There are differences between service providers. Although someone can
start a Managed Services Business promoting the same list of services,
can they produce the same results?

We manage technology with a professional toolset and experience,
to give you the results you need!

No longer is technology a widget to maintain, it is integrated into your
entire business, and depended upon by every user and client you have.

Aligning your Technology with your Business, combined with a Business Continuity Plan, results in flexibility and agility, so you can move your Business Forward.

Cool office space
modern data storage

Scale your Business Operations

with Cloud Services

Keep your Business Agile and Responsive in a competitive business world.

Get the flexibility to have your systems and data available to multiple
locations or remote workers. Use productivity applications such
as Microsoft Office 365 or Host your own mobile apps.

 Expand your Data Storage or Server Capacity without the capital
expenses of hardware acquisition.

Enable a Business Continuity Plan and Virtualize your Network.

Special Promotions

We would like you to get started with a few services that every small business can use. These are for Windows Desktops, Workstations and Laptops Only. 

On Site

$ Call
  • Discounted Pricing
  • No Mileage Charges
  • Repair or Maintain
  • Setup, Move or Install Hardware
  • Discounted Advanced Services

MnM Managed

  • All Features Included
  • Managed, Maintained, Monitored
  • Endpoint Security Included !
  • MDP Managed Data Included !
  • Unlimited Support Included !

Managed Data Protection

  • Fully Managed Plan
  • Advanced Software Included !
  • Managed, Secured and Backed Up
  • Cloud Storage | 200 GB Included !
  • Unlimited Support for Recovery !

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